Meet our Team



Our business practices and values run down the organisation, passed on by generations since its inception in 1965. Having been in this industry for 40 years, we have witnessed the evolution which kept moulding us to change with the growing competition in both domestic and international markets. Our constant efforts to gain efficiency in operations, consistency in the quality of products, adaptability to changing market trends and retaining the trust of our clients, hold a great value in our business practices.

We believe sustainable growth is gained only by collective-cumulative accomplishments of the whole team that run our business. With a Vision to compete with the market leaders of the industry and not be mere followers, we continue to strive together for excellence in every move we make.



We are a time of like-minded individuals, driven and motivated towards delivering the best to our clients, communities and environment. With diversity in expertise and knowledge in their own fields, we strive for excellence inside and outside the workplace.

Praful Kalaria

Finance & Management Partner
Mo: +91 94260 77192

Bipin Kalaria

Plant Opertation & H.R Partner
Mo: +91 98980 11162

Chetan Chokshi

International Marketing, R&D Partner
Mo: +91 94279 61663

Chandrashekhar Trivedi

Plant Operations R&D Partner
Mo: +91 94274 18773

Kush Kalaria

Mo: +91 98985 53201

Roosh B Kalaria

International Marketing
Mo: +91 98980 11142

Hardil Chokshi

International Marketing, R&D
Mo: +94082 45402

Megha Kalaria

International Marketing
Mo: :+91 99252 31930