Vidhi Industries’ manufacturing unit is located in the GIDC Estate, Vatva, Ahmedabad, one of the most developed industrial zones of Gujarat.


The production plant is spread across 22,000 sq. ft with a production capacity of 1000 tonnes/month to produce Salt-free Direct Dyes in liquid and powder forms, Basic Dyes and Acid Dyes.


We have a semi-automatic setup.
All production processes use modern technology along with ensuring the safety of the resources working in the manufacturing unit.


An effluent treatment plant for wastewater management is set up abiding by the legal guidelines of the government.


In house packing international packaging- flexibags and IBC tanks for export. Vidhi Industries is committed to its integrated management system that has been certified to ISO 9001:2008.


In sync with the current trends where manufacturing is moving towards the 4th Industrial revolution called “Industry 4.0”, Vidhi industries are not left behind. The year 2022 is when we have started our journey towards creating an Industry 4.0 compliant Smart Factory. First of the many continuous improvement projects includes the implementation of a “Smart Energy Management System”. An IoT-based energy monitoring, analysis and conservation unit called SMARTWire from Quantum EOTech is installed in 15 critical locations within the manufacturing plant. This device collects energy consumption data which is wirelessly transferred to a cloud server through the factory Wi-Fi network and analysed further for optimised consumption.

The SMARTWire system helps us to monitor our daily energy consumption, identify the key machinery that contributes to the monthly energy bills, monitor any energy leakage or loss caused due to poor machine maintenance and provide a platform for proactive maintenance of all the equipment that affects the quality of our products. Our aim is to hold the highest international standards of quality control through these types of continuous improvement initiatives today and in the future. This is the extra mile we are willing to walk for our prestigious customers and provide them with quality products lifelong.


Consistency in Quality is the topmost priority of our organisation. Our customers are at stake when we deliver our products, hence we ensure they are efficient and profitable to them at all times.

Quality is a non-negotiable because we meet customer expectations in their application process. In this highly competitive market, quality must to maintained to be in the game.

The whole team working in the plant is directed to produce committed quality each time. We

To make sure we provide the committed quality product to our customers, we approach each process in the field with detailed supervision.

“We focus on providing the product developed by the R&D team to meet the requirements of our customers”

Detailed quality measures are implemented in manufacturing practices at each level from raw materials to dispatch of goods.

Our highly equipped labs are facilitated by world-class testing instruments to check specifications at the nano level and provide quality products with at most accuracy. Our laboratories have facilities for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, UV SPECTRO (SHIMADZU), and Spectrophotometers.


The R&D team is the backbone of every organisation. The growth of any company highly relies on the experts of their teams.

Providing the best quality and matching their requirements is what we excel in to gain the trust and confidence of our customers. We strongly believe, “For R&D to be fruitful, its existence must be incorporated into the organisation’s mission.

We highly rely on our innovation and growth in R&D for the overall development of all our stakeholders.


Sustainability is an all-around approach for our organisation. We focus on a holistic approach when it comes to creating a long term impact on our people, climate and customers.

Here, all our manufacturing practices are conducted with a motive to reduce negative impacts and maximise all the positive outputs.


We are firmly committed to maintaining safety at every operational level for all our workers and employees. Here, on-site we follow strict measures for ensuring adherence to the standard operating procedure in the manufacturing plant.

We focus on developing preventive measures for our resources that try to avoid accidents from happening at first place. Training and awarness is passed on to workers to identify hazardous working practices which must be notified to higher authorties.